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recommendation for cone 6 porcelain

updated mon 21 jan 02


Sharon on sun 20 jan 02

I use the A.R.T. cone 6 porcelains, 134 and 135. I don't know
what you mean by a lot of manipulation; like any porcelain they
will collapse if too wet. I don't like their quality control but
I mention them because they are very white compared to some other
mid-range porcelains. This has been discussed before but if
anyone has something new to contribute on a white, mid-range
porcelain by a company that manufactures and tests responsibly
I'd like to hear it.

The Lane Pottery
Hinsdale, Illinois

John Forstall on sun 20 jan 02


I've been using Standard #130 firing to large cone 6 (cone 7 in sitter). I
find it to throw better than their cone 6 porcelain, and my measurements
indicate absorption is 1.8% which is tighter than their cone 6 porcelain.
For sculptural pieces where I want a little more tooth I wedge 50% by weight
Standard #182 with the #130. Results have been very good.
John, in Pensacola Fl.

Message text written by Ceramic Arts Discussion List,
I would like to try a porcelain with a little more tooth that can with
stand alot of manipulations without being too heavily grogged. I have
access to easily purchasing Standard, Highwater, Campbell, Tucker and
Aradvark. I fire to electric cone 6. Any suggestions??? Thanks