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potters guilds (was upcoming workshops)

updated sun 20 jan 02


Orchard Valley Ceramic Arts Guild on sat 19 jan 02

> > Also join your local potters association. Our guild
> > hosts 2-3 workshops in our area each year.
>I'm a newbie on the list and very much more 'wannabe' than 'potter'. My
>passion far exceeds my knowledge and experience. Anyway, I was interested in
>the mention of potters associations. I am aware of several potters in our
>area, but not of anything organized. Of course, we aren't in a metro area
>with a large population either. I was interested in how some of you have
>gone about organizing and taking part in your associations.

Our Guild is just over a year old, so we have recent "start-up" experience.
It takes a solid core of 5 or 6 people to get things rolling.

One of our first steps was to set up a website where we could post information,
and people could find out about our activities. One of our founding members
began looking for space for workshops, and inviting talented potters she knows
to give them. A couple of members put together a newsletter. We began
holding meetings and inviting people.

We recruit members from local schools and classes, plus every pottery event
and art show we can find! Some of the new members have gotten fired up
about the guild, and are starting to make big contributions and set up new
activities. This spring we'll be having our first group pit firing.

I think the key is finding the initial group of people who will work hard
to build your guild. They need not be the best or most experienced
potters. A balance of skills really helps. For example, you must have
someone who is comfortable handling the group finances, and someone else
who is good at making phone calls and getting people to help out with
things... you get the idea!

Good luck if you decide to start a group, and if you have specific questions
I'd be glad to respond offline.



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Bob Nicholson
Webmaster, Orchard Valley Ceramic Arts Guild