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kelly's show

updated fri 19 oct 07


Joyce Lee on sat 19 jan 02

I am so proud of you, Kelly ....formerly known pretty much as =
primalmommy, now officially an Artiste and Marketer Extraordinaire. =
Just as the Gurus and gurus have told us, if you take all the proven =
steps, it'll work. Your description is extraordinairy also .... we were =
right there with you, in your head, in your heart, seeing all ... elated =
for you, proud of you, and inspired by you.=20

I love that you bought your black dress and artsy jacket from the =
GoodWill. Write off list, if you prefer, and tell me what the jacket is =
like so I can complete my vision of the resourceful, innovative, =
invigorating Kelly. I, and I'm sure many others, often think of you =
working on your coffeetable, kitchen table, dining table making whistles =
and odd objects surrounded by homeschooled pintsized geniuses, peanut =
butter and fruit, with projects of the Little Guys strewn about in Very =
Important Spots ..... you working on the various tables because =
sometimes your many hats (sometimes!?!) are stacked one on top the other =
on that brilliant head
and that's all the space available. You have your priorities where they =
belong and we all admire you for it.

With love and respect,
In the Mojave barely able to contain all the inspiration sparked this =
week by Bonnie Staffel and now Kelly ..... and my puppy Mojo who loves =
my pots and almost breaks her sweet neck climbing off a couch armrest =
onto the adjacent table in order to sit - just sit and look content -- =
inside a celadon bowl ... and who somehow wrangled my finest shino mug =
from somewhere onto the floor next to her toys ....

mel jacobson on thu 18 oct 07

i do not have any real comments to anyone about
what to show, how to show...but i do have
a very firm belief that a show, is a show.
it is a quick snap shot of a years does not last.

i had a wonderful conversation with donald jackson a few years
back...he is doing the `st. john's bible`...on vellum, by hand, quills
and gold leaf. a ten million dollar project.

as he was getting ready to present the first twenty pages he had
done..strewn across my living room floor, he had his undies in a
bunch....wanted to show what this
epic project would look like to the powers that be at st. john's.

`i said...donald, what you present today, will not be what
you are doing six years from now. it will all grow and develop.
you know that. he leaned back and said...`you are right, i have
not even begun to develop the entire idea..and won't for two
years...phew, glad we talked.` (that was a snap shot of an hours debate.)

for anyone just getting a degree...doing an academic show...well
it is just a `snap shot` is not a `forever portrait`.
in fact...what is worse, and should make anyone nervous.

it is like teaching...a girl walks into your room holding her hand
over her nose. big pimple..bright red.
i say...`why your hand over your nose...` she says. `everyone is looking
at my red nose.` i say...`no, is much worse than one cares,
they are more worried about their own breast size, make up,
hair...who cares about
you.` `oh, are hell with it.` she goes to work.

academic shows should be considered a `STARTING POINT, NOT AN END MARK`.

like what has been stated in `art and fear`...if you control skill
will be doing art work for the rest of your life....if you are a big
idea person, living the
life of metaphor...this just
might be it for you...never show again. you just shot your wad.

i am 72, still working, still showing and have for now 50 years in a row.
at least one show every year...some years 4-5. how do i do that?
skill. i know how to make and fire pots. it all grows, one day at a time,
one show at a collector at a time. in fact a woman that bought/
commissioned me to do a painting for her danced in my studio...with
the painting.
she just loved that is a compliment. one hell of a lot
better than a
critique from a professor. she danced and screamed. not once did she speak
to the `modernity of the universe, a structure in time and space moving her
soul`. screw that bs. she danced. and then handed me a nice round
number check.
pay day, times ten. your best, show what you got....get on with the rest of your life.
it will be a long journey in clay, and a growing family, and gardens, and pets.

from: mel/

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mel jacobson on thu 18 oct 07

there is nothing in my post that said you don't give it
your best effort. your best shot.

i implied:
do it well, get it done, hope that folks respect your
work...then move on to phase two.

we all expect you to go the extra mile.
if you don't.
your ass is grass at nceca.
with love, mel

from: mel/

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