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chris henley's tools

updated wed 12 may 04


Marvpots@AOL.COM on sat 19 jan 02

I would just like to add my comments to others made on the Clayart list:
I recently ordered a few bamboo and wooden tools (hand crafted) by Chris
Henley and have rarely enjoyed using such tools as much as these (a bamboo
ladel, a wooden roller and, as a bonus, a small throwing stick.)
All are very comfortable to use, are useful and efficient and I recommend
them to anyone who can use them.

Marvin Flowerman

wayneinkeywest on tue 11 may 04

Ok, this is going to sound like a plug...and it is :>)
I just received my three new tools (and accessories)
from Chris Henley.

Because of the way I prefer to work (no one said it
was right, or the only way) I contacted Chris to see if
he might be interested in making some specialty tools
to my specs, as it says in his website.

He was, and did; and I cannot tell you how happy I am
with the results. It took a whole lot of e-mails, and a
telephone call. But ohmigod the tools! He figured out a
whole new way to make something better, and it works like
a charm. The man is a genius, and I am in his debt...and
one _very_ happy potter.

The very first time I used them (just an hour ago) I was
beside myself, speechless. Wow!

Nuff said. Thank you Chris!

Wayne Seidl
Key West, Florida, USA
North America, Terra
Latitude 81.8, Longitude 24.4
Elevation 3.1 feet (1m)