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aluminum handles on mugs

updated fri 18 jan 02


Al Tillis on thu 17 jan 02

I forgot who first asked the question about attaching the aluminum to mugs
but here is my suggestion.
And this got kicked back to me as having already being posted word for word
Lets try again ............

If you are attaching the aluminum handles to ceramic mugs
perhaps two small metal bands could go around the mug and
attach the handles to the bands.
Some what like the metal band around of the neck of the glass coffee pot
that you
most likely use or see everyday.... (Mr. Coffee or the like) In that case
they are attaching plastic to glass - almost a reverse situation.
This may eliminate the problem of heat loosening the handles and having an
accident/ lawsuit.
This could perhaps be done to accent the look of metal and ceramic in
combination. Maybe one band on top would do the trick.

You would still have to be careful about the expansion and contraction but
I think you could kill two birds with one stone - get a solid grip and have
a nice look at the same time.

Just an idea,

Al Tillis
Lincolnton, North Carolina