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dayton grant video

updated thu 17 jan 02


Randy Peckham on wed 16 jan 02

Just finished watching most of Dayton's video. Pretty cool. Very hard
clay. Neat technique so different from anything that I have seen.

Dayton, is your clay special, or have you found that most clay will react
this way when it is hard, and thrown dry? I notice with my clay that when
it is too hard, I get cracks when I stretch it aggressively. It seemed
that you got cracks, but they healed over. Generally when I get cracks,
and the wall is thin, it is all over. Maybe it is because I use water with
very hard clay, so that when it cracks, I get slip in the crack, and it
weakens the whole area. I will have to try your method just for kicks.
Thanks for the opportunity to watch your methods. Weird to see a bottle
picked up by it's neck as soon as you are done throwing it.