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suppliers and manufacturers on the list

updated tue 15 jan 02


Frederich, Tim on mon 14 jan 02

Good morning,
Many of the suppliers and manufacturers in the ceramic industry monitor or
have someone monitor Clayart for them. They realize the importance of the
voice of the ceramic community. I think that many of them do not respond
often, unless to answer a technical question because they do not want to use
the list in an improper way. They respect Clayart and do not want to use it
as advertisement venue. I think that Steve Lewicki from L&L is an example
of this. Manufacturers do want to provide information for the ceramic
community and many work closely together to do this even though they may be
competitors in the selling of their products.

Most manufacturers seem to come from a ceramic background. They realize the
importance of the ceramic community. Their business would not survive
without it and work hard to support it.

I have been on both sides and in my position at Orton, it is my
responsibility to problem solve and support the ceramic community. We are
committed to the world of ceramics.

Please contact any manufacturer if you have a question. Give them the
opportunity to help you. Since the world is not a perfect place, some
questions may not be answered to your satisfaction or problems solved, but
most of the manufacturers I know will go out of their way to help with a
question or problem if possible.

I am a member of the Clayart family and support it totally. Please contact
me if you have questions or comments.

Best regards,

Tim Frederich,
Orton Ceramic Foundation