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updated fri 11 jan 02


Helen Bates on thu 10 jan 02

etc.) (Correction)

Dear Clayarters;

I have found a few more organizational sites already saved to my hard drive.
After this correction, any more sites I find or receive notice of be held for a future revision.
(That is, if I do manage another one.)

As I wrote earlier:

"This is the beginning of 9 posts containing my collection of Clayart Subscribers' URLS.
This first one has all the names and site addresses of groups and institutions with a presence on Clayart
(as far as I know them.)

"Those following will be of individual subscribers, mostly divided into
groups of 3 or 4 letters of the alphabet.

"IE: A-C; D-F; G-I; J-L; M-O; P-R; S-T; V-Z.

(I have checked only a few of these links for accuracy due to lack of time.)"

Yours truly,




ACerS - (Mark Mecklenborg)
ACGA, California Association of Clay and Glass Artists - (Bonita Cohn)
Alchemie Com - (Stephani Stevenson)
American Craft -
Annie's Mud Pie Shop - (Annie Swantko)
Appalachian Center for Craft - (Vince Pitelka)
Aquarius Gallery - (Tony Ferguson)
Artisans Hand - (Jennifer Boyer)
Artisans London ON, CAN - (Stoddart, Penni)
Arts & Crafts Pennsylvania - (Jean Lehman)
Arvada Center - (Alexander, Bebe)
Axner Pottery Supply - (Howard Axner; Michael Mahon)
Bath Potters - (Steve Mills)
Berkely Potters' Guild - (Rikki Cill) - (Cindi Anderson)
Bracker's Good Earth Clays, Inc. - (Anne Bracker)
CClay (Central Clay) - (formerly Carolina Clay) (Tom Gray)
Ceramics Club (DuPage College, IL) - (Faye Cassman)
Ceramics USA 2000 web site - http:// (Doug Gray)
Chapel of Art - (Janet Kaiser)
Chinese Clayart -
Clayart Home Page - (Discussion List)
Clayart Archives -
Clayart California - (pdf) (Chris Clarke)
Clayart Cooks - (Lisa Skeen)
Clayart Search - (Categories) (Alan Ambrose)
Clayart SAH Mug Exchange 2001 - (Andie Carpenter)
Clayfest - (James Bowen)
Claytalk - (Tom Gray)
Clay Times - (Monona Rossol)
Clayworks Australia - - (Doug Hocken)
Clayworld - Http:// (Patrick S. Powell)
Clearing, The - (George Koller)
Collector Online - (Tom Turnquist)
Coyote Clay & Color - (Scott Rutherford?)
CSPI (Craft Potters Society of Ireland) - (Jim Behan)
Digital Fire Corporation - (Tony Hansen)
Empty Bowls -
Dorset Art Week 2002 - (Richard Jeffreys)
Euclid Kilns - (Shannon O'Brien, Jeff Farrow, Jay Clarke)
Ferro Electronic Materials BV - (George van den Berg)
FireRight Electronic Controls - (Gene L. Warner)
Florida Clay Art Co. - (Carol Tague)
Fresno City College Ceramics Dept (James Shepard)
Gardiner Museum of Ceramic Art - (Iain Newbigin)
Henry Ford Museum & Greenfield Village - (John Neilson) (Transportation & Trades)
- (Photograph)
Kelowna Clay Fest
Keramic-Institute, Meissen, Germany - (Matthias Grziwa)(German)
Kickwheel Pottery Supply, Inc. - (Christine Winokur)
Laguna Clay Co. - (Jim Kassebaum)
Laloba Ranch -
London Potters Guild - (Penni Stoddart)
Manos de Oaxaca - (Eric Mindling)
Market House Craft Center - (Jean Lehman)
Matrix - (Lawrence Ewing)
Metchosin Summer School of the Arts - (Betty Burroughs)
Miami University, Ohio - (Dennis Tobin)
(Click on Gallery button, then on any Faculty icon)
Midland Potters Association -
Moravian Tile Works - (Adam Zayas)
North Wales Potters - (Jacqui Kruzewski)
Nottingham Center for the Arts - (Sullivan, Terry)
Orchard Valley Ceramic Arts Guild - (Bob Nicholson) (Bob Nicholson)
Oxaca Mexican Pottery - (Eric Mindling)
Penland Clay - (John Britt)
Pewabic Pottery - (Sarah J. Bailey)
Planet Earth - (Uncle Mike)
Potfest - (Christine Cox)
Pottery Com - (Lionel Lopez) (Remains undeveloped)
PotteryInfo Com - (Marshall Talbott)
Pottery Making Illustrated - (Bill Jones)
Raku Rhody-o - http//www ( Kate Champa)
Sask Terra, Saskatchewan Assn. of Ceramists - (Charley Farrero)
Sierra Nevada College -
(Sheri Leigh) -
Smart Conseil -
SUCAWS - (personal clayarters' pages)
Texas A & M University Ceramics Department - (Louis Katz)
Texas Ceramics Club - (Donald (Rush) Tucker)
The Carbondale Clay Center - (Diane Kenney)
The Ceramics Program of the Office for the Arts at Harvard
- (Nancy Selvage)
The Clay Alliance - (Louise Jenks)
The Clay People - (Faye Cassman)
The Clay Studio - (Jimmy Clark)
The Clayart Center - (Perry Hill)
The Kilnman - (Cameron Harman)
The Potters Council -
The Strictly Functional Pottery National - (Jean Lehman)
Tucker's Pottery Supplies - (Frank Tucker)
UK Potters -
University of Ballarat - (Peter Thomas)
University of North Texas - (Anagama notes)(Rafael Molina)
University of North Texas - (Jim Bob Salazar)
University of Texas Permian Basin - (Prof. Chris Stanley)
(from Ron Popeel)
Virtual Ceramics Exhibit - (Joe Molinaro and Richard Burkett)
Ward Burners - (Marc Ward)
Wesleyan Potters - (John or Diane Palmquist)
Woodland Campus Ceramics Department -
(Sandra Ledingham, program head) (no graphics)
92nd. St. "Y" - (New York City) (Frank Martin)


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