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beyond the pale was re: raffi gets fired, tony gets a raise

updated fri 11 jan 02


MOLINA, RAFAEL on thu 10 jan 02


I enjoy vigorous debate, but putting words in my mouth and threatening my
livelihood is, well, beyond the pale.

Your post includes distorted interpretations, not examples cited from
anything I wrote. My posts on the subjects didn't use words or express
sentiments you attribute to me.

Read my post's and use the reply function or copy and paste. If you are
going to argue, try to argue a specific point and don't invent something.

As far as my enrollment goes, my four classes (15 spaces in each studio. 60
total) fill up and close weeks in advance during pre-rigistration. By the
time regular registration arrives students have to get my consent in order
raise the enrollment limit of the class and get in.

The administration here doesn't subscribe to this List, but they do
subscribe to the job I'm doing.

Finally, back in December I submitted a message to the Moderator detailing
my support for high school teachers. For reasons only known to Mell, he
chose not to post it.



Rafael Molina, MFA
Assistant Professor of Art
Department of Music, Art, and Dance
Tarrant County College-Southeast Campus
2100 Southeast Parkway
Arlington, TX 76018-3144
(817) 515-3711
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From: clennell [mailto:clennell@VAXXINE.COM]
Sent: Wednesday, January 09, 2002 6:38 AM
Subject: Raffi gets fired, tony gets a raise

Dear Raffi: The makers of pots and pans unit.
Last month you shat on the high school teachers of the world- your
universities bread and butter. this month the studio potters. I do hope you
have tenure.
Before i got my little job at Sheridan i doubt much of America had even
heard of the joint. The Clayart gang are now thinking hummmmmmm maybe this
is a good place for me, my kids, or folks that want to make pots. Good
thinkin', Clayart!!!!!
clayarters have read your posts and thought shit, Raffi U is not a place to
recommend. clayart is a fabulous marketing network. 4000 people tell 7
others and the word gets out to 28,000. high school teachers are a- holes
and studio potters are morons.
If I could I'd have the dawg, the mayor, the Texas fox, Crawdad, the Oregon
weenie, the cat ,Arti, my darlin' Liz, and all the other makers of pots and
pans come and visit my class I'd be proud. gotta luv the makers of pots and
I hope your dean doesn't subscribe to the list.

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