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defending the writers/copyrights debate

updated tue 8 jan 02


chris Campbell on mon 7 jan 02

Re: A recent comment in this infringement debate :

"There has been a trend in several of the magazines, most notably Clay
Times and Pottery Making Illustrated, by either the magazine's editors
or other writers, of picking up information off ClayArt and using it
either more or less verbatim or as the basis for, articles."

I do write for PMI and sometimes even pose a question to this and other
groups to get a sense of how far off I am from the mainstream. I live as
isolated a life as most potters,so I find that your replies bring other
opinions into the equation ... BUT...

just because someone replies on clayart does not mean that they are
expressing a new or original thought.

I write about business matters. I studied Business Administration in college
and still read countless books, articles and journals on the subject. My
partner ran the entire marketing operation for a multi-national corporation.
I don't think I could be accused of stealing any original marketing ideas
from this list.

I have always gotten the permission of individuals before using original
information or statistics. This has been mostly in the internet area where
things are evolving so quickly that it is hard to keep current without the
help of these generous people.

Luckily, I have found this to be a very sharing group who usually write back
to say that if they can help some more, please ask.

Chris Campbell - in North Carolina - who says the same ... if I can help,
just ask.