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second north american juried bonsai pot competition

updated tue 8 jan 02


Luis Fontanills on sun 6 jan 02

Fellow Clayart bonsai potters,
There is still time to submit the application to the Second North American
Juried Bonsai Pot Competition; deadline January 11, 2002. Slides are not due
until March 1, 2002. For further information and application form:

Click here: Second North American Juried Bonsai Pot Competition

Luis Fontanills
Miami-Dade/Broward Counties, Florida, USA

Tony Ferguson on mon 7 jan 02


Does anyone have any diagrams or pics of certain forms that address the
specs for bonsai pots?

Criteria: Each artist may only enter two pots in the competition -- one pot
per category. The pots must:
be made specifically for this juried competition;
be made of high-fired ceramic;
not be glazed on the inside below the intended soil level;

****be made with the proper size, location and number of drainage holes;

be appropriately footed;
be appropriate as a complement to one or more species of bonsai or accent
be suitable for holding and maintaining one or more living plants
be of the highest quality in detail, finish and design; and
be made by a potter resident in North America (i.e., the United States,
Canada or Mexico).

Thank you.

Tony Ferguson
315 N. Lake Ave. Apt. 401
Duluth, MN 55806

Stoneware, Porcelain, Raku

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