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updated mon 7 jan 02


John Post on sat 5 jan 02

For those of you whose childhood did not include a secret decoder ring,
there are three up for sale on e-bay...
One of them is all gold and glitzy...It must have a manganese saturated
glaze, while the other two, are surely chrome greens...unfortunately, none
of them come with America's favorite beverage...Ovaltine...

e-bay item #'s...

Item # 1402798734
Item # 1056994856
Item # 1057235680

John Post
Sterling Heights, Michigan

If you want the secret to the decoder ring rent the movie
"Christmas Story" written and narrated by Gene Shepherd.
Classic & hilarious I watch it every year.
I never had a decoder ring either.
Do you remember "The Shadow"...... I do but then I am a dinosaur!
I anxiously await my copy too. Perhaps we can work on a "glazed" look as a
secret signal or we can wear sorcerer hats and dance around singing recipe
incantations....... OK ,ok I'll settle down........
Gayle Bair
Bainbridge Island, WA