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mfa-cindi and francis

updated mon 7 jan 02


Karen Sullivan on sat 5 jan 02

Interesting circles of associations...six degrees of separation...
In about 1982...I lived in Boulder and worked sort of
at 5785 Arapahoe....Knew Ellen...great lady...still working
I hope...
So I returned to California to work in clay...studied with
Philip Cornelius and then graduate school with Paul Soldner...
I went into serious debt...but I would not trade the
experiences...grateful for it all and the MFA was
worthwhile, if not for employment...the enrichment of the
experience. It has taken me ten years of teaching part time,
and still bleak prospects for full time employment.

So Boulder is a great town...and I would suggest that you
talk to the faculty folks at the University...a friend
recently need to figure out
if you can communicate with the principles of the program.
Look at what they do, and listen to critiques if possible...
talk to other students in the program.
My sense...given that I am a California kid...that a lot
of the work comming out of Boulder reflected a rural
perspective...curious thing. But my bias is So. Calif. and
sort of urban....
Boulder is a tough town to live in unless you have money...
It's expensive and crowded...more so since I left in 1986.
All of the towns in Colorado had specific characteristics
EXCEPT Boulder which was transient...first question is
how long have you lived here and second question, where did
you come from.....
I felt unconnected while there so I returned to California
to feel at home again.
You in large part make your own reality...but I would go to
a school for the influence of the individuals teaching there...
Not the town....
The MFA was an e-ticket ride (a reference to the most exciting
rides at Disneyland) A-ticket was the trolley down main street....
e-ticket was the Matterhorn.
All the best with the journey...
bamboo karen
I have had some trouble with connections to my site...but try...