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expired copyrights

updated mon 7 jan 02


tomsawyer on sun 6 jan 02

While were on the topic of copyright, there is a wonderful web site =
This has a listing of over 15,000 books that are free to download as =
copyright protection has expired. I believe almost every famous author =
dead any number of years is listed. Many universities, foundations and =
individuals are participating in a world wide effort to place every book =
of significance on line free to the public. I have downloaded hundreds =
over the years and have them safely stored on my computer and backup =
disc. I've gotten all of the Greek classics, all of Shakespear Emerson, =
the Rusian novelists, Dickens, several famous poets, philosophy and =
history books etc...... Look at this website if you enjoy reading. I =
have a nice little laptop that I can carry around [even take it to bed =
and on vacations]. This site actually encourages one to share books that =
they have downloaded.=20

A book that many on this listserve would find very interesting is =
Okakura The Book of Tea. Everything you ever wanted to know about tea.

Tom Sawyer