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electric kiln wall thickness

updated mon 7 jan 02


Jose A. Velez on sat 5 jan 02

To: Messr. Craig Martell and Tom Buck:

Thanks for the information on the captioned subject. I think you have =
verified what I suspected. The Instruction manual on these Paragon =
kilns do not provide a lot of information, but I believe the elements =
for a kiln rated for cone 7 and that rated for 10 are made of the same =
MOC and only are different in gauge (I am going to confirm this with the =
manufacturer). I can not believe their design would be so accurate that =
a 5% increase in final temperature would cause metallurgical changes in =
the element. I believe the gauge differences obey more to the rate of =
energy input (less electrical resistance) than to metallurgical or =
mechanical considerations, since adding the insulation will not change =
the rate of energy input, only removal, there is not a whole lot of =
additional stress on these elements. I think you have provided enough =
information that I feel safe trying this out (especially since it has =
been done before). Thanks so much for the help.

Regards, =20

Jose A. Velez