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cone 6 body

updated mon 7 jan 02


Wes Rolley on sun 6 jan 02

I am looking for a commercially prepared cone 6 body with characteristics
similar to the cone 10 body that I am currently using, and which I happen
to like. Since I fire only electric, there is merit in in reducing my work
to cone 6, but my experience is that a vase fired to cone 6 with my current
body may chip, crack or break when dropped on my kitchen floor (linoleum),
but those fired to cone 10 will not.

An alternative would be to find a good recipe and have the Claymaker mix it
for me. They charge a flat fee on top of the cost of materials for a
"batch" of about 1 ton.

I am generally happy using the cone 10 clay body (Cinnamon) that I purchase
from my local supplier, Claymaker in San Jose, CA. I have had one
consistency problem, but was quickly offered a replacement and it was all
from a single batch. (The batch number is printed on every 25 lb.
bag.) This body performs well for me for hand building and for throwing
informal forms. It is rather more heavily grogged than others I have used
and has a fairly high iron content from Newman Red.

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