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updated sun 6 jan 02


claybair on sat 5 jan 02

If you want the secret to the decoder ring rent the movie
"Christmas Story" written and narrated by Gene Shepherd.
Classic & hilarious I watch it every year.
I never had a decoder ring either.
Do you remember "The Shadow"...... I do but then I am a dinosaur!
I anxiously await my copy too. Perhaps we can work on a "glazed" look as a
secret signal or we can wear sorcerer hats and dance around singing recipe
incantations....... OK ,ok I'll settle down........
Gayle Bair
Bainbridge Island, WA

Shula wrote>>

But I wanted the decoder ring. Back in my youth, when the dinosaurs roamed
the earth, there was a show on TV (captain midnight or something like that)
that included coded messages. In order to get the decoder ring, you had to
drink Ovalteen (sp) and send away for the ring. I wouldn't drink the stuff,
it sounded disgusting to me, so I was never able to get the decoder ring. I
never did know what those secret messages were. I ordered a copy of the
and was looking forward to finally getting a decorder ring. Now you say
not necessary. No decoder ring for me. sigh. If someone mentions a glaze
giving the name and/or page number, I'll just have to open the book. Can't
at least have a secret handshake?

in sunny Redondo Beach, California

<< Wanda said: "When I get John's and Ron's
book ...........I'll refer to the glaze title and page number."

Marvelous idea, and so simple! The decoder rings would just have added to
the cost of the book, anyhow . >>