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cone 6 reduction - mike

updated mon 7 jan 02


Debbie Jestin on sat 5 jan 02

Mike, 42 and your freezing, try -42, thank god it's not that cold in
Saskatoon,Saskatchewan today a balmy -7. I envy you warm weather people.
I haven't found anybody around here that has a kiln like mine everybody
fires electric in the city. I have been keeping a log, time and temp, need a
new pyrometer mine's not very accurate. I've been avoiding the gas kiln
after the last disaster, been firing electric. But I'm working up to trying
again. Thanks for all of the advice.

Mike Gordon on sun 6 jan 02

I put in the remark about the temp as sort of a joke, remembering what
Mel has said about Minn. winters. Yes, we California folks are weenies
when it comes to OUR winter.Or at least I am, I prefer 80-90. I use my
pyrometer as a guide for temp per hour increase and where the end cone
bend is in relation to desired glaze results. I always rely on my cones.
Don't get a digital ptrometer either.. Geez you can watch them for
hours! Mike