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glaze book idea

updated sat 5 jan 02


Mike Gordon on fri 4 jan 02

What a great idea!!! I was just sitting in my studio waiting for the
small wood stove to heat the place up so I could work and was looking
through some @ 1979-87 CM'S for a glaze recipe I wanted to find, ( was
looking in the wrong place as it turns out ) had the books in another
pile! I have glaze recipies all over the damn place, little notes about
changes, but to which glaze??? I'm very UN-organized, attention deficite
disorder, is that spelled right? But your idea sounds great. I also
found some c/6 oxy glazes in there as well as ....... well cm has been
publishing glazes for a long time. If the authors didn't want anybody t
know the recipe why would they publish them in a national mag.??? DUH!
Mike Gordon in Walnut Creek, Ca. sun's out but I'm freezing my butt at