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updated sat 5 jan 02


Sheryl VanVleck on fri 4 jan 02

In reading about copyright infringement on glaze recipes, in these postings,
I would like to mention that if I have read several good knowledgeable
postings about glaze recipes; including the recipes, posted by this person or
that person, it inspires me to look for their book. When I am looking for
glaze formulation books for sale in a catalog, I want more than just the list
of ingredients. I purchased one of those already and it is very impersonal
and not very informative, and the blasted recipes don't work as written. So,
I think that posting recipes here, where I get to know what type of work an
artist does, what his theories are, what his expertise is, will actually
result in my purchasing a book that I might not have purchased otherwise. I
can see myself looking for a book on glaze formulation and going "oh, I know
him/her. They post to Clay art all the time and are very helpful. They
really seem to know what they are doing." Hence, chalk up one more sale in
exchange for that recipe that has been floating around you wrote.

Sheryl in Wyoming.
Where gray skies rule but at least there isn't any snow.