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tom's book signing

updated fri 4 jan 02


clennell on thu 3 jan 02

Ron & John, others:
Of late I have not posted to Clayart Forum because I want to
preserve copyright for future articles, perhaps even a book.
While Clayart is NOT public domain, all too many members of the
Forum treat it as if it were. And that simply detracts from my urge to
help in ways I can.
I went to the archives in 2001 and was totally upset by what I
found: namely, that since 1995, when I joined Clayart, I have posted more
than 200 items of a technical nature mostly, and these items are freely
available to anyone who knows how to pose the right search question. So
how can I make use of these items in a book? Might be a hard sell to
entice a publisher to take on the printing of such a book.

Dear Tom: Because you or I have written an article for CM or CT and
everyone on Clayart absolutely loves us, doesn't a book make.
the Mayor wrote a good post sometime ago about this. After Clayart and your
relatives have read the thing what do you do with 5000 copies. Publishers
are not fools. You have to have one very serious track record to be picked
up by a publisher.
Ron and John have bankrolled their own publication. They will also have to
bankroll the promotion of it after Clayart. Time and money.
When the numbers get crunched I think the author works for little or no
money. the Big V will jump in here.
If you want to be a service to potters then Clayart can be a pond big enough
for most of us fish. It is a great spawning ground for some great writing.
Ron told me I better get on with my dreams because of my advancing years. I
pass that advice on to you.
I write short stories so that i will be surrounded by big hairdos, short
skirts, red heels and jiggly bras. This could be very hard on your heart my
old friend.
do things for people that appreciate you. clayart rewards an author on a
daily basis. you don't have to wait years, invest thousands and stop all
other creative work.
See ya at the book signing.