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red clay in cone 10 reduction glazes ( from glaze idiot )

updated fri 4 jan 02


Paula Moros on fri 4 jan 02

Hello! Happy new year!
I'm wanting to create a slip / glaze surface for non-functional pots using
local red ( low temperature no doubt) clay in cone 10 reduction firings,
wood firing or electric.

NOTE! Best respect to those with great technical glazing skill and depth and
breath of knowledge and experience. I'm not there by any measure, and
certainly don't mean to waste the time of those of you who are far and away
down the glazing techical/skills path. It may be best for you to delete here
before it gets annoying.

This red clay ( low temperature, iron bearing??) I have is clay gathered
from nearby environs and I am keen to use it in a sculptural glaze, hoping
to use it along with local iron sand, Nepheline Syenite and unwashed ash in
some combination or other

I am trying for burnt, blistered, volcanic and so on surfaces, and am in the
process of doing tests. I guess the smart thing would be to go to
acknowledge that it really is 2002 and not 1863 and go to Matrix and will do
so- but was wondering if anyone on list also had an interest in working with
local / easily obtainable materials like this and also with recipies that
are along the 30% this, 60% percent that, 10% something else vein. My
absolute favourite recipies have two or three ingredients and can be weighed
out with a cheap plastic kitchen scale. I am interested in layering slips as
well as glazes for bisque to create rich chunky / grunty surfaces. I've read
Leach's potters book for the general ash glaze recipies and have some 2-3
ingredient shino-type ones i've used and liked, especially those using red
clay as a main ingredient.

Please e-mail me at if you are a fellow traveller at
this elemental glaze stage and have some experiences to share. Would like to
hear about other peoples practices in building up glazes using found
material and fairly primitive glaze making methods. Would love to hear from


paula -----