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"i gotta have the book...."

updated fri 4 jan 02


L. P. Skeen on thu 3 jan 02

AAAAAAAAah, now here's something to help you out keeping track of your

Go to Office Despot and get one of those binders that is split across the
back so it stands on its own. Insurance companies use these for
presentation binders, so if you know an insurance salesperson (yikes!) they
may be able to get one for you for free. Anyway, TYPE OUT your recipes
using a large font with 11/2 spacing on standard size paper. Slide said
recipes into plastic page protectors (the cheap ones work just fine!) and
VOILA! Glaze-proof glaze recipe book. I have mine divided w/ tabs into
lowfire, ^6, and ^10 and clay recipes, plus a section for instructions and
other notes I have written down for whatever reason.

This works great because a. the recipe is sitting up where you can see it
without picking up the book, b. the type face is large enough to be seen
from the bin of whatever chemical you're standing beside without having to
walk back & forth ;), c. the page protectors keep the recipes clean. My
glaze book was very envied when I was in school.......

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From: "Nancy Guido"
Sent: Thursday, January 03, 2002 9:06 AM
Subject: "I gotta have the book...."

> Tim, in Wenatchee, WA., USA, says it best!
> " I gotta have the book so I can go back and refer to how the glaze was
> and fired. I gotta have the book so I know the author's frame of mind
> the book was written. I gotta have the book so I can look at the
> I gotta have the book because there is always room in my library for one
> more. I gotta have the book so I
> can support the author in their efforts to educate"
> And I gotta have the book because I can't keep track of all the recipes
> Clayart - at least with a book I can go back and find the darn things!
> Thanks John and Ron - can't wait to get my copy.
> Nancy G.
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