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florida state tax question + occupational licenses

updated fri 4 jan 02


Luis Fontanills on wed 2 jan 02

<the Florida State Tax Dept. There must be an especially enthusiastic new
beaurocrat (sp?) down there.....anyway, none of their many missives anywhere
state the basic state tax rate in Florida. So please, somebody who knows
this, I would appreciate a heads up before I send them anything. I am
assuming it is 6% and the extra 1/2% is for Dade County. Right? Eleanora >>

That is correct. Florida sales tax forms are late after Jan. 10th, 2002. In
fact I will be sending mine in the next few days.
Occupational Licenses
On working out of your home, Dade and Broward Counties, two of the largest
counties (population wise) in the country allow you to get occupational
licenses with certain restrictions. Cities within these counties also issue
occupational licenses.

Check to see what the requirements may be locally in your area.

Luis Fontanills
Miami-Dade/Broward Counties, Florida, USA

Nanci Bishof on thu 3 jan 02

The zealousness may be because we are in the largest state $ crunch in
decades. There is no state income tax in Florida. Almost all state monies are
funded from sales tax revenue. It had fallen off prior to Sept 11. Our main
industry is tourism. Without a healthy tourist influx all year round we are
toast. The state just cut this years education budget over 400 million
dollars. Its a big ouch for those of us in education. Arts are the first to