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florida state tax question

updated thu 3 jan 02


Eleanora Eden on wed 2 jan 02

I'm surely not the only person here suddenly getting extra nasty mail from
the Florida State Tax Dept. There must be an especially enthusiastic new
beaurocrat (sp?) down there.....anyway, none of their many missives
anywhere state the basic state tax rate in Florida.So please, somebody who
knows this, I would appreciate a heads up before I send them anything. I
am assuming it is 6% and the extra 1/2% is for Dade County. Right?



Luis Fontanills on wed 2 jan 02

Florida Discretionary Sales Surtax Information. Click on the link below to
see if any surtax is required for your area above the 6% State Sales Tax.

Click here:

Click here: Discretionary Sales Surtax

Luis Fontanills
Miami-Dade/Broward Counties, Florida, USA