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updated thu 3 jan 02


chris Campbell on tue 1 jan 02


I have been a member since 1998, so I guess that in itself tells you
that I think it is well worth it. The site is selling 24/7 while I am in my
studio making things. The cost per year is less than booth fees for some good

If you post great images, price correctly, respond promptly to all
queries, send a decent catalogue and deliver a good product on time, you'll

My studio time is valuable to me. I can't afford to spend it learning
to build a website ... I also don't want to learn to be a professional
photographer .... or a certified tax accountant ...

I just have too much to learn from the clay.

Chris Campbell - in North Carolina - and the first day of 2002 is already
gone !!

Kim Marie on tue 1 jan 02

Is there anyone here on the website. I was wondering if
people involved thought it was worth it.
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