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studios at home and insurance implications

updated wed 2 jan 02


Brenda Z on mon 31 dec 01

Selling from home may also affect your home insurance policy.

I spoke to my insurance company when I bought my kiln, to make sure that I
wouldn't require any additional coverage for the kiln. They didn't seem to care
about the temperatures that my kiln would be reaching, or about kiln related
safety. They only wanted to determine if I would be running a business from my
home. They were very interested in charging me business rates for my home!

Brenda Z.

potterybydai on tue 1 jan 02

Hi, Brenda - it pays to shop around for insurance when you have a home-based
business. Our insurance, which covers my business equipment, stock, etc.,
and also all our household effects and, of course, the building (plus covers
our wares when we travel to shows) is cheaper than the combined total when
we were NOT home-based, and were paying separate insurances for our condo,
and a storefront pottery studio(where we didn't own the building). But,
there was a difference of around $200/year in the different quotes we got
when we finally made the move. I was glad we didn't just automatically go
with the insurer we had for the condo, but did some comparative shopping
(actually, phoning ).
Dai in Kelowna, BC - Happy New Year, Clayarters!