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ken price in taos?

updated thu 3 jan 02


remr1 on mon 31 dec 01

If my knee and hip feel better I'll join my best friend and his Dad on =
our annual ski trip to Taos Ski Valley later this week. =20

I've been to Taos four times over the last three years. While in town, =
I always make time to visit the local studios and galleries. =20

Recently, I read that Ken Price lives and works in Taos. Does anyone =
know of a gallery in Taos that shows his work or does one have to go to =
Santa Fe? TIA.



In the Mid-Cities enjoying the holiday break from school. I especially =
enjoyed the pictures my brother Rene, a Staff Sargent in the U.S. Air =
Force Reserve, sent our family from an air base in Kuwait City where he =
is serving his duty as Security Patrol. The picture of him posing with =
Gen. Tommy Franks is one I'll have to get a copy of for myself=20

Katheleen Nez on wed 2 jan 02

Dear remr1@EMAIL.MSN.COM: Ken Price seems to have a
presence on the Plaza in Taos (118 South Plaza/2nd
flr? - the gallery I'm in is 117 South
Plaza/BlueRain); he also lives in Venice, CA
His gallery in Santa Fe is James Kelly Contemporary
(Paseo de Peralta @ Guadalupe St - I only saw 1 piece)
You can also see some of Ken Price's sculptures at
Beau Monde: Toward a Redeemed Cosmopolitanism (4th
Internat'l Biennial) July 14, 2001 - January 6, 2002
(if you wanna pay $7)

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