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yixing tea pots and bitching and moaning and wailing

updated mon 31 dec 01


MartinDEpstein on sun 30 dec 01

I took a two day class with Pete Pinnell who studied Yixing tea pots in
China and had developed a very tight 04 (I think ) body that he said ( in=
letter to clayart not too long ago) is stronger than porcelain. Pete has=

earned his reputation as a technical guru and has shared much of his
knowledge. I am sure someone knows how to contact him. His pots are
Thank you to those who understand my need to complain. If I don'=
say what is wrong I can't fix it. I appreciate the passion involved in
dedicating a part of your living space to working with clay. Personally =
think it is unhealthy to live with this kind of work. I am too much of a=

slob to live like that. Also I love teaching and need space for 5 studen=
at a time. By teaching I share and pass along my love of ceramic art and=

am challenged by my students. I am having trouble appreciating my
situation as it is and am intent on improving it. It will take time but
eventually I will have my own studio with 6 wheels, gas kiln, pug mill, e=
etc etc. I will do it Maybe not this year but it will happen. Francine=