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holiday sales interesting

updated mon 31 dec 01


Heidi Haugen on sat 29 dec 01

loving reading about everyone's holiday sales and experiences.

i had my first "independent" holiday show last year and worked my ass
OFF, one of my least favorite potting activities is schlepping pots all
over the place. in this case, it was just 8 miles to town. rented a
lovely space, pots everywhere, (lots of funky, painted tables) also had
a watercolorist with her work. wine, food, beer, the whole nine yards.
fri nite, sat, and sun 10-2pm. loads of help from my family. pretty
much inviation only although all were welcome, did not advertise. good
turnout, happy with sales.

this year i have about 100 sq. feet of leased space in the bookstore
where i work 2 days a week. did not do a "special" show but did sent
out holiday postcards to mailing list with a nice discount to get them
into the new store. very few cards appeared but sales were nearly
identical to last year. ( i make functional stoneware, mostly $5-60.)

what did i learn? people like the "event" aspect, the special treatment
and a social atmosphere. next year i will bust my butt and stock the
store to the hilt as well as a show to get my "core" customers and not
just passers-by. very interesting experiment and glad i did it.

heidi in western montana whose freezing her patootie inside because the
chimney needs sweeping tomorrow and that means no fire tonite-ugh! will
curl up with cats/husband to watch "moulin rouge". had the electric
company out to confirm 240 in my kiln outlet and now onto more
troubleshooting next week, new elements on the way.