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gunky shelves

updated mon 31 dec 01


lela martens on sun 30 dec 01

Rikki,Dai,Gayle, etc.  Thanks, Rikki, Your idea of asking the monument guys to  sand-

blast one shelf for a `before and after` is a good one.

Dai,  Since I have followed this list a year and a half now, I`ve been able to initiate a couple of changes in our guild. I have the `experts ` to learn from, and sometimes print up messages and tack them on the bulletin board. It`s a slow process, but for example testing ^6 reduction. The shelf issue will be brought up at the next meeting again.

 Gayle, spouces` retirement is 7 yrs. 3 mnths.,11 days. The car pretty much has to stay. The yard is too small, no place for it in yard, and it`s having it`s own home is part of a deal we made  when I insisted on moving to town. He also built a four car garage, now you get the small yard part. It houses gun, re-loading, blackpowder stuff, drawing, painting room, and large workshop for building, clay sculture, metal lathe etc. stuff.  He has become interested in ^6 red. also, so if he also joins the guild we can use the large gas kiln. It takes me awhile to make enough pots to fill . The previous test of those glazes was rather dismal, but now that  the Christmas rush is over, will begin  work on that project again. Also, the shelves for that kiln aren`t gunked. Eric doesn`t hunt much any more, and I can see him finding

space in the large garage for a good kiln in a few years. Is getting more particular about his throwing lately, and enjoys it more as time goes by. Will keep my eye open for something like your kitchen,scraper,chopper.  Thanks all!      Lela   Happy  New Year.

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