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updated sun 30 dec 01


mel jacobson on sat 29 dec 01

my dad taught me a great lesson.

`if you need a financial advisor to take care
of your money, you are a fool.`

i like to pay myself 100% of all sales.

not that i do not like gallery owners, venues that
sell pots, but, my experiences have been not very
good. the nick in my wallet was big.

here it is again.

get one, computerize it, nurse it. kiss it each day.

work a 50 mile circle from your home. make sure you
inform, educate, help...and give service.

you will never have a selling problem, you will have a
production problem.

listen to folks like bill campbell. he knows.
what a business. what a good sense of how to do

price right, have things available.
and, and, always sell from your studio.
it pays.

i know, i know...some just don't have the space...but
hell, use your living room for a sale.
put down runners..

100% commission on your work..what a concept.
galleries should be an adjunct.
tom and betsy have done it right.
(tom wirt.) take lessons.
Minnetonka, Minnesota, U.S.A.
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