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the cookbook!!

updated fri 28 dec 01


EASLEY on thu 27 dec 01

And a million gun salute to Lisa for the fabulous job!!

Received my cookbooks on Christmas Eve, delivered them, and we are all
thrilled. Thank you so much, everyone who contributed and helped. Wish I
lived closer, so I could have gotten my hands in the mailing pile, too.

It is just perfect!

Am having Clayart withdrawal, for this evening, anyway – it’s midnight and
haven’t gotten today’s digest yet. Usually comes between 9 and 10 Pacific
time. May have to go look at escribe, for the part they choose to publish.
Does anyone know why they only get part of the list, and not the whole
thing? I’ve always thought that was sort of odd……

Best wishes to everyone!

Pam in Seattle