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cookbook laughs and thanks

updated fri 28 dec 01


Erin Hayes on wed 26 dec 01

Hi All!

I wish someone had warned me about Jenny Lewis' fruitcake recipe in the =
Clayart Cookbook! I tried to read it aloud to my visiting family, but =
laughed so hard I couldn't do it. I laughed so hard I got a headache, =
and my poor brother is still coughing from laughing too hard!

I think we need some of that whixney!

I'd like to thank Lisa for including the very handy reference section in =
the front - that will be very useful!=20

My favorite recipe comment is mel's Pot Roast, about which he says, =
"This is a theory, not a recipe." Sounds like mel cooks like my family! =
We would say it's a philosophy, not a recipe...