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cookbook and christmas

updated fri 28 dec 01


carrie jacobson on thu 27 dec 01

Hi Clayarters:

First, the cookbook is a work of art. The graphic design is elegant and
lovely, the printing is top notch, the pictures are excellent - and lots are
in color! - and the recipes look good, too. Wow! Lisa et al did an amazing
job! If you haven't ordered one, do. It's really fun.

Second, all my pots that were raw glazed and then basically bisqued by my
ceramics friend came out fine in the end, as all you said they would. I
traveled to Conn., where the family is, and used my old kiln in the studio I
once ran. The firing worked fine, and the bisquing didn't mar anything.

What a feeling to be back in that old studio. It was like going home again.
I learned to throw there, and then ran the pottery program and managed the
studio there. I lived there, pretty much, for years.

How welcoming it was, the smell I remembered, the same lights, the same
jumble of wheels and shelves and work. It was a delight.

Many thanks, Clayart, for all your ideas, for all the sustaining achievement
and the hands offered in help and friendship.

Best wishes,

Carrie Jacobson
Bolsters Mills, Maine