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how to become god

updated thu 27 dec 01


mel jacobson on wed 26 dec 01

on christmas morning.
christmas morning, busy, cooking sanfa fe
bread in the oven.
dog wants attention.
grandkids call, computer is funny.
games won't work. advice given, computer works.
the door bell rings.

it is motibo, just back from senegal, ramadan and
his family reunion.
nicest guy around. devoted, spiritual.

he say's...`mel, zee furnace is not working (french accent). 4=B0F outside,
45=B0F inside.
i say.
tell me more.
hey say's. nothing, all dead. baby is cold.
rosa is cold, naffie is cold. tina is cold.

so, i said.
`hey, we can fix that`.
he say's `hardware store is closed.`
i said.
`not mine`.
run to kiln room, select an 18 inch thermocouple...from stock of six.
give him and tina's dad to.
same boiler that i have...35 years old.
great system. replace the thermocouple, he helps, with tina's dad.
hand wringing.
gas man calls, he is on his way in 5 hours.
lite the pilot.
gas is on, house is warming.

they are all standing in great awe.
fixed, factory part.
warm family.

how to be almost god on christmas, and they are
not even celebrating...but good folks, great neighbors.
actually, it is about being a neighbor.
black, white, gay, christian, muslem.
all neighbors together.
just like clayart.
neighbors, sharing.
Minnetonka, Minnesota, U.S.A.
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