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please correct your cookbooks

updated mon 24 dec 01


L. P. Skeen on sat 22 dec 01

Elca made the teapots! O drat.

oo sorry.

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From: Ann Brink
Subject: PLEASE correct your COOKBOOKS

Ann Brink on sat 22 dec 01 all who bought cookbooks:

On page 101, the 13" platter is MINE, not Elca's! I am going to print my
name, cut out the strip, and put it in place with a glue stick. I would love
it if you all did it too....

On a project like this, inevitably there will be an error or two- I don't
blame you, Lisa...stuff happens. I think it's wonderful of you to take on
this project and the cookbook looks great.

Ann Brink
Lompoc CA