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glazes cone 6

updated sun 23 dec 01


Steven Branfman on fri 21 dec 01

Original Message:
Does anyone know where I can purchase a copy of this handbook:

GLAZES CONE 6 by Michael Bailey (C) I have not found it listed in several of
my ceramic supply resources? any leads

Llewellyn and Friends,

This book is available from The Potters Shop and most any ceramic supplier
that sells books. The reason it is not "listed in several of my ceramic
supply resources......." is because new books are often announced, published,
and made available so abruptly and without warning, that it is impossible for
suppliers, even those that specialize in books, to have their catalogs truely
up to date. My advice?.........if there is a book, video, tool, piece of
equipment, or some other item that you are looking for, always give your
usual and regular supplier the first crack at getting it for you. If that
fails then try someone else!

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