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updated sun 23 dec 01


Joyce Lee on sat 22 dec 01

Finally I receive something through the USPS about the same time that =
everybody else gets theirs .... thank you, Lisa. The book is at least =
as thrilling as I thought it would be ... and I like having Charlie's =
picture on the cover. Although wanting to give it a quick scan, I kept =
being slowed down by the haikus ...=20
and the pots! The variety of styles, glazes and firing temps was =
enhanced by the recognition of so much we've discussed on Clayart ... =
the horsehair pottery, the one-cup teapots, and the So That's What a =
Pasta Bowl Looks Like ...=20
loved seeing the tiles in Janet's path, which shout to me to get over =
myself and just send what I have so as to help complete that wondrous =
work.... Kathleen's meticulous Navajo-style pots!
Like each of you, I could go on and on.

And I, too, will put THIS cookbook to use.... starting tomorrow ..... =
maybe tonight ...... have to see what ingredients I have on hand....

In the Mojave with a heavy heart for Mia and her family, but agreeing =
with Tom that she is a real shero, indeed. Whether Mia chooses to leave =
home or not, Tom has made a most generous, sincere offer which reflects =
his own humanity and appreciation of humanity in others.