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statistics (potter's sales)

updated sat 22 dec 01


David Hendley on wed 19 dec 01

Just something to think about:
I would expect potters to report lower gross sales than jewelers,
since potters are selling dirt and jewelers are selling silver
and gold.
Gross sales is not the important figure. Gross profit is what
counts. I may well make more money selling a vase for $75 than
a jeweler selling a pendant for $100.

David Hendley
Maydelle, Texas

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From: "H.M. Buchanan"
Sent: Tuesday, December 18, 2001 10:41 PM
Subject: Re: statistics

> Heloisa, Check the 'Crafts Report' magazine's web site. This month's issue
> features a survey of Craftsmen in several fields, where they sell and how
> much. Charts showing gross sales put potters near the bottom of the
> level. I was surprised to see potters reported sales half of what jewelry
> artists make. check and click on
> insight survey article. Judi buchanan

Terrance Lazaroff on fri 21 dec 01

> David Hendley
You may be right. I feel however that the jeweller has it made at shows.
He/She walks into the show with $300,000.00 in two suitcases. I don't
think potters can say the same thing.

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