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throwing video

updated mon 17 dec 01


dayton j grant on sat 15 dec 01

I would like to thank Ababi for his favorable review of my throwing
video,I sent out about 10 sample videos to various people on the list
that I had adresses for,please feel free to make copies for anyone that
may be interested ,as for now I dont have any more to send but ill make
more after the 1st of the year,I checked the free virus fixer thing and i
had 35 virusses,so Im going to start over next year with a Mac operating
on Linux(?),on the advice of my computer advisors,then Ill be able to
produce home video and burn CDs about throwing and kiln technology ,itll
be fun if nothing else . <80)

I am Rumplestiltskin ha-ha-ha-ha-haa !