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pricing in britian

updated sat 15 dec 01


Liz Willoughby on fri 14 dec 01

Dear Richard,
I have always found it interesting the way that British potters price=20
their work much cheaper (except for Mulcheney where I found the=20
prices fairly constant regardless of where they were bought) at their=20
studios than at galleries. Here in Canada when we put work in shops=20
at a wholesale price, it is half of what we sell it for at our=20
studios, USUALLY. Some people do compensate some but not by much.=20
We also have a combined tax of 15 %. Ontario tax is 8%, Federal is=20
7%. If a potter makes less than $30,000 a year he does not have to=20
charge the I think VAT is 17 %? already figured in the price.
The trouble with being a tourist is that it is not always possible to=20
go to various studios for the work, even though we would dearly love=20
to. Only so much time to do things and then it is never enough time.=20
Love Britian. Lived there for a year many years ago, and it always=20
gives me a rush to go back.
Best regards, and have a bitter on me.

Richard Jeffrey says:

>Just had an email from Janet -
><>Craft Council, CPA and most shops/galleries in London... The =A350 Walter
>Keeler mug would be around =A318-20 from the man himself.
>To quote a friend who exhibited this past summer: "The CPA exhibition went
>quite well (two works sold, which isn't bad since they add 100%+VAT!).">>
>I would hate anyone to think those prices are representative - I have no
>useful yardstick for national names in London galleries, but a good,
>designed, functional, pleasure to hold, bought from someone who cares mug
>might be up to =A312 - 15.....
>If you're ever in the bottom of Wales, take a look at Ned Heywood in
>Chepstow - wonderful thin thrown stoneware bowls that ring like bells - say
>10" across, 8" deep - under =A350.
>I'm sure other folk over here will have things to add.

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