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pricing in britain

updated sat 15 dec 01


Richard Jeffery on fri 14 dec 01

Hi Liz - glad you enjoyed it... and we're delighted to see any tourists
right now!

I think most makers here aim for a similar retail price regardless of
outlet - very difficult to manage, and not very fair on gallery or buyer

we do have a problem maintaining that in London, where to maintain the price
would mean giving the item to the gallery.

i'd rather have a Merlot than a bitter, but thanks for the thought.
actually, I did have a half-pint at lunchtime in a splendid 17th C pub in
Salisbury a colleague introduced me to. Real fires, small bars (seat maybe
8-10 people) good bitter, great food. the lettuce in the ham sandwich had
a vinaigrette salad dressing - excellent idea. huge sandwich which came
unannounced with a small pile of huge chips - perfectly cooked. then fresh

did I say the man who runs it is French?....


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Dear Richard,
I have always found it interesting the way that British potters price
their work much cheaper (except for Mulcheney where I found the
prices fairly constant regardless of where they were bought) at their
studios than at galleries. Here in Canada when we put work in shops
at a wholesale price, it is half of what we sell it for at our
studios, USUALLY. Some people do compensate some but not by much.
We also have a combined tax of 15 %. Ontario tax is 8%, Federal is
7%. If a potter makes less than $30,000 a year he does not have to
charge the I think VAT is 17 %? already figured in the price.
The trouble with being a tourist is that it is not always possible to
go to various studios for the work, even though we would dearly love
to. Only so much time to do things and then it is never enough time.
Love Britian. Lived there for a year many years ago, and it always
gives me a rush to go back.
Best regards, and have a bitter on me.

Richard Jeffrey says:

>Just had an email from Janet -
><>Craft Council, CPA and most shops/galleries in London... The 50 Walter
>Keeler mug would be around 18-20 from the man himself.
>To quote a friend who exhibited this past summer: "The CPA exhibition went
>quite well (two works sold, which isn't bad since they add 100%+VAT!).">>
>I would hate anyone to think those prices are representative - I have no
>useful yardstick for national names in London galleries, but a good,
>designed, functional, pleasure to hold, bought from someone who cares mug
>might be up to 12 - 15.....
>If you're ever in the bottom of Wales, take a look at Ned Heywood in
>Chepstow - wonderful thin thrown stoneware bowls that ring like bells - say
>10" across, 8" deep - under 50.
>I'm sure other folk over here will have things to add.

Liz Willoughby
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2903 Shelter Valley Rd.
Grafton, On.
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