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firing with sump oil

updated mon 17 dec 01


Des & Jan Howard on fri 14 dec 01

I've been out of town, so, I'm playing catchup.

Could you please enlarge on your comments
re contraindications in the use of sump/drain oil.

iandol wrote:

> Costless as Drain Oil is, and fascinating as the results it gives may be,
> discarded sump oil is an environmental hazard when fired in a potter's kiln. A
> kiln fired with this fuel will discharge a plume of heavy metal residues and
> spew it over the surrounding countryside. It is also feasible, though I have
> no valid evidence other than the word of the manager of the toxic collection
> unit in our State, that at low kiln (KilN, did you hear that! ! !. From the
> French speakers I think you will hear Kil) and flame temperatures its effluent
> may contain Dioxins.


Des & Jan Howard
Lue Pottery
LUE NSW 2850
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iandol on sat 15 dec 01

Dear Des,

I was having a chat with the local poisons collection boss when they =
came to the Redhill recently as I had noticed that there is an Adelaide =
Co. collecting Sump oil from service stations for reclamation and =
recycling. I was considering supplementing Diesel with sump oil to =
reduce the cost. He told me that tho be certain there was no pollution =
the flame temperature had to be maintained well above 2000 Celsius to =
eliminate Dioxins. I already knew about the potential of clay collecting =
metallics from the oil from previous experience. Lithium and Zinc are =
involved but there are also residues of bearing metals. So Cadmium and =
Antimony may be involved.

Since it seems a bit dodgy I would not be willing to use it again.

Hope that is satisfactory.

Best regards,