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recommendation for a book

updated thu 13 dec 01


Ed Atkeson on wed 12 dec 01

Greetings clayart list.

I have joined this list for a specific purpose.
I'd like a recommendation for a book about the lives of ceramic artists.
How they work, what their career paths have been like, how they talk
about their work, that sort of thing. More biographical than How To.

thanks in advance,
Ed Atkeson (husband of a ceramic artist)

Jocelyn McAuley on wed 12 dec 01

Hi Ed,

Right off the top of my head, the first one I think of is Beatrice Wood's
autobiography, I Shock Myself. It's a fun read about this spunky artist.

I'm sure more people will chime in with more ideas

good luck

Jocelyn McAuley ><<'>
Eugene, Oregon

Don Goodrich on wed 12 dec 01

Well, Ed,
If Michael Cardew qualifies as a ceramic artist, his autobiography ought
to do. It's "Michael Cardew, A Pioneer Potter" published by Oxford University
Press in 1989. ISBN 0-19-282641-7.

If you're interested in the South American end of the spectrum, there's
"From Myth to Creation; Art from Amazonian Ecuador". Written by Dorothea &
Norman Whitten, published by University of Illinois Press in 1988. ISBN

Actually, Clayart itself qualifies if you can stand to read that much of
it .

I expect Steve Branfman ( could contribute many
suggestions from his vast knowledge, if he reads your post.

Good luck with your quest, and welcome to the list.

Don Goodrich