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glaze/underglaze/bmix - help?- rr, w. edwards, glaze gurus

updated fri 14 dec 01


Carol Baker on thu 13 dec 01

You've taught me a lot, but I still have one persistent problem. When I use
a blue stain or underglaze under a clear glaze, there is some running of the
color on edges or the crest of curves. I work in a drawing/watercolor
technique, and on a flat surface the brushwork is fine. I've been using the
following glaze from Clayart and Will Edwards. I like it because it does not
craze on the Bmix, all colors fire true, and drips smooth over in the firing.

I have tried mixing my underglazes with EPK and it helps some. Could anyone
suggest another clear glaze for Bmix - that does not craze - or suggest
changes for this glaze? Other secrets? I'm willing to test if someone could
point me in the right direction.

Will Edwards Clear 6 ox

whiting 12.50
epk 12.50
neph sy 20.00
frit 3134 25.00
silica 30.00

Merry Christmas from Arizona. Yes, it really is cold here tonight.
Thanks, Carol Baker