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wood pile beauty

updated tue 18 dec 01


Lee Love on tue 11 dec 01

I wrote a haiku about the woodpile yesterday. It reminds me of
Munakata Shiko's advice (a woodblock printer friend of Hamada's) about woodblock
printing. He says it is good to do a print of the wood block before you start
carving it. Then you compare the work you have carved to the original print of
the grain of the wood. For your work to be of some valid use, it should aim
to be better than the original woodgrain print.

Go here to see the woodpile photos. The haiku is at the top of each photo:


Lee Love
Mashiko JAPAN
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Lee Love on tue 11 dec 01

> Go here to see the woodpile photos. The haiku is at the top of each photo:

For those of you without web access, the haiku goes like this:

My work may never achieve

the perfect unintended beauty

of the wood pile

but it is my goal.

Joyce Lee on tue 11 dec 01

Thanks, Lee, for the pictures of and the haiku about your woodpile. Lovely
and thought provoking.... stimulating. What more can one ask of a single
Clayart post?

In the Mojave

Merrie Boerner on mon 17 dec 01

Dear Lee Love,
Putting it off as long as possible, I finally sat down to delete some of the
435 Clayart posts in my inbox.....I resisted clicking on " wood pile beauty"
until tonight.............I knew that yours would be something to envy, and
I was right........
A wood pile like yours is what I'd like for Christmas. Beautiful !
Merrie in Mississippi