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ups accounts:who needs them?

updated tue 11 dec 01


Stephani Stephenson on mon 10 dec 01

In addition to UPS , check out FEDEX Ground.
FEDEX Ground use to be RPS, but now is merging with FEDEX Express,
though they are still separate.
FEDEX Ground is comparable rate wise and time wise to shipping with UPS

They have slightly different prices and conditions for accounts. Here
UPS is $15 /week if you want daily pickup service, FEDEX Ground is
$7-$10. You pay that no matter how many packages you ship out per week.
Both companies also offer a service where you can schedule individual
pickups as needed.

At least in this locale, UPS has some computer requirements for
accounts, which I could not meet.
.I use FEDEX ground because, in addition to computer or instead of
computer, they still use a nice old fashioned book with a simple system
. They also don't have a lot of pesky oversize /overweight charges.
They provide all labels, etc. and you can use your own packaging. They
also do have a computerized system and an easy to use website for rate
quotes, tracking, etc. I must stress this is different than FEDEX
Express., though the two are now combined on the website. FEDEX Express
shipping outlets also accept FEDEX ground, but the trucking systems are
still different.

I have had excellent results with FEDEX ground, though I am not sure
they are as good as UPS on following through with claims. However, I
have never experience any breakage whatsoever with them. I did have one
package lost one time, but have shipped hundreds of packages with them,
and it's all ceramics. The less hassle the better, and so far they have
been pretty good.

I would recommend choosing based on your particular location and the
service provided, including USPS.
Here there are always long lines at the Post Office, and the UPS
terminal is too far away. Also I hate of spending the extra time and
extra $ hauling boxes down to the local shipper. But in your own
location who but you will know who provides the best service??
Go with the best fit in your particular home town.
Stephani Stephenson
Carlsbad CA