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updated wed 12 dec 01


John Jensen on mon 10 dec 01

I looked into the UPS account a few years back. At that time the deal was a
weekly fee and they would pick up every day. I don't remember how much it
was, but it wasn't worth it to me. And it seemed at that time the
management part of the company was very disorganized, and hard to deal with.
John Jensen, Mudbug Pottery

Ceramic Design Group on mon 10 dec 01

If you ship daily, or even between 2-3 times a week, the UPS account and
their proprietary computer related software is without a doubt the way to
run your business. Even though UPS is a short 2 mile drive from our plant,
none of us here have the time to load anywhere from 5-35 boxes on a weekly
basis and haul them over to them, unload our truck, fill in the paperwork,
etcetc. The same for the the US Post Office. We pay $7.00 a week for the
UPS pick up service. Their software is a breeze to use, the user interface
is a no brainer, and they have reduced the weekly "old" style manifest books
to just a few sheets of paper that are file in a 3 ringer binder when we
close the shipping day and upload the information to the UPS mainframe. A
thermal printer prints the address labels complete with barcodes and the
laser printer takes care of the daily shipping records. All my staff can use
the system. A dedicated PC in the shipping area takes care of the UPS work.

Their rates will go up again in 2002, just as they have done every year. In
my opinion, having worked with them for over 20 years, they are the best
package delivery service for our business. We tried the new FedEx Ground
(formerly RPS) and their computer software was clumsy and cumbersome. Plus,
they pick up the next day, not the same day. UPS stops daily. Not to bash
FedEx, we do use their service for overseas and some next day deliveries.
as well as Airborn.

If you are an occasional shipper, an account with UPS may not be the best
choice for you.


Jonathan Kaplan
Ceramic Design Group
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