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sculpture by new york artists - clay

updated mon 10 dec 01


Helen Bates on sun 9 dec 01

New York Art World
Sculpture by New York Artists - Clay
Quotations are from the site.

Claire Clark
> Most of her work originates from observations of the model, using clay to build
> shapes structurally with feelings of the model and glazes with oxides for emphasis.
> Her work is easily recognized by her unique use of clay, keeping a hollow shell, using no armature.

Maria Cohen
Gritty figural pieces in unglazed terracotta and glazed stoneware.
Maria works in stone, wood and clay.

Beth Watson
> For the past few years clay has been my primary medium.
> I find a lot of humor in the people and things
> of this world which I try to interpret with sympathy.
Beth also has a portfolio of her paintings on the site.
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